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Welcome to our brand new arts and culture blog!

TLC have teamed up with the University of Sheffield to set up an arts & culture blog – open to all womxn of colour working or studying at the University. We believe that more spaces need to be created that platform our critical and creative excellence and with this blog we aim to do just that.

Writers for The Lit Collective Sheffield produce short stories, poems, personal reflections, social commentaries and other creative writing pieces that respond to a new theme every six weeks and engage with literature, film, musical, art, TV and other cultural media.

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And check out our current pieces below!

  • The Multiplicity of Passion
    Passion carries weight. To merely like something is an act of leisure, it requires only passive interest, amusing but otherwise undemanding of serious effort. Passion, on the other hand, is all-consuming. It requires a level of resilience not afforded to passivity. It may not always be enjoyable, you may try and fail time and again,… Continue reading The Multiplicity of Passion
  • Of Careers and Cats
    Sometime in mid-2020 I experienced a huge dip in research motivation. Perhaps this was COVID-precipitated, or perhaps it kicked in more naturally, a ‘growing weariness with the world’ as one grew older (though not wiser). Regardless, I felt a creeping cynicism around the ‘value’ of my research, depleting reserves of research motivation and a loss… Continue reading Of Careers and Cats
  • How Long Is A Month In Steps?
    ‘How do you live when the linkBetween creativityAnd survivalCan’t easilyBe discerned?The answer to this questionBrought me here.My fingerprints bloomOn the cream-colouredCard. I am standing, like most people, in a cats-cradle of my prior plans, a few tremulous fingers either way, from making something, or nothing, of the situation. Or so it seems, as my goals… Continue reading How Long Is A Month In Steps?

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