Principles of Engagement

We have worked with members of the TLC Book Club to put together 5 key principles for engaging with our events. This is mainly designed for those who will be taking part in Zoom discussions, performances and/or workshops. However, the points about respect for others and zero tolerance for abuse capture our festival’s ethos as a whole.

  1. Respect and listen to everyone’s point of view with an open mind
  2. Respect how people would like to be seen and heard. Those who feel more comfortable switching their video off, or sharing their opinion through the comment box, are welcome to do so.
  3. Feel free to take a break, use the toilet or leave completely at any moment.
  4. Be conscious of the power and privilege you have when taking part in an event, especially when you decide to speak.
  5. Zero tolerance of racism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other kind of abuse. Moderators will ask those who do not comply with this to leave the event.

As part of our work with Arts & Humanities Knowledge Exchange, we have collaborated on two workshops that asked TLC Book Club members to think about the benefits, but also the issues around access and exclusion in educational and online spaces. These 5 key principles arose directly from conversations in these workshops.

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