It is vital that we read literature which centres womxn* of colour and reflects our rich and complex identities, experiences, cultures and histories.

It enables us to better understand who we are, how we came to be and where we might go next. It enables us to reflect on society, examine its problems and imagine a better future. Just as importantly, it allows us to escape – together – into exciting new worlds and encourages us to create them for ourselves.

It is our view that schools, colleges and universities are depriving us of this opportunity. Core curriculum and standard teaching practice currently serves to minimise, ignore or distort our stories. It does not encourage us to connect with them.

The Lit Collective Sheffield was created as a response to this problem. It invites young womxn* of colour (14-18) to come together, in a safe and supportive space, to read and discuss literature exclusively by womxn of colour.

We hope that by doing this we highlight the full potential and power of literature to not only enrich and embolden our individual lives but also bring us closer together in the spirit of tender love and care.


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