The Multiplicity of Passion

Passion carries weight. To merely like something is an act of leisure, it requires only passive interest, amusing but otherwise undemanding of serious effort. Passion, on the other hand, is all-consuming. It requires a level of resilience not afforded to passivity. It may not always be enjoyable, you may try and fail time and again,… Continue reading The Multiplicity of Passion

Of Careers and Cats

Sometime in mid-2020 I experienced a huge dip in research motivation. Perhaps this was COVID-precipitated, or perhaps it kicked in more naturally, a ‘growing weariness with the world’ as one grew older (though not wiser). Regardless, I felt a creeping cynicism around the ‘value’ of my research, depleting reserves of research motivation and a loss… Continue reading Of Careers and Cats

How Long Is A Month In Steps?

‘How do you live when the linkBetween creativityAnd survivalCan’t easilyBe discerned?The answer to this questionBrought me here.My fingerprints bloomOn the cream-colouredCard. I am standing, like most people, in a cats-cradle of my prior plans, a few tremulous fingers either way, from making something, or nothing, of the situation. Or so it seems, as my goals… Continue reading How Long Is A Month In Steps?


The trouble with beginnings is there’s a lot to worry about. From fear of the unknown, to anxiety about new, unfamiliar things, to not knowing if what you’re doing is right- it can all build up and be incredibly mentally exhausting.  I’m sat here currently writing this blog, having spent the morning steadying myself. Inhaling… Continue reading Beginnings


Fading memories of a young boy with a bad temper and skinny legs. Never been short of food but my brothers and sister don’t have enough to eat, call my name and my hair thins. I open my eyes to a blazing sun and a ripe mango, the juices dripping down my chin. My island… Continue reading Shadow

Confronting violent images in the age of media overload

TW: Police brutality, antiblack violence The sentiment goes that a picture is worth a thousand words.  On the 25th of May 2020, a ten-minute-long video was shot, showing the arrest of a forty-six-year-old unarmed Black man by the police. The man is seen on the ground, pleading for his life as a police officer looms… Continue reading Confronting violent images in the age of media overload