The Lit Collective Sheffield Online Literary Festival

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The Lit Collective Sheffield Online Festival

(23rd – 25th July 2020)

All events are free and available to watch via Youtube unless otherwise stated on the programme. Follow this link to access our Youtube page:

There are three ticketed events which are reserved for womxn of colour, which includes those who identify as womxn and are marginalised along the gender spectrum.

The Lit Collective (TLC) Sheffield are excited to invite you to our first online festival, which centres and celebrates womxn writers of colour. This includes all writers who identify as womxn and are marginalised along the gender spectrum.

Through discussion groups, creative writing workshops and performances, we hope to create a warm, communal space where womxn of colour can reflect on and revel in our favourite texts and important literary themes & lived experiences, such as joy, home, imagination, futurity, family, sisterhood and love.


This has been a particularly painful and exhausting time for womxn of colour and Black womxn especially. We have been amongst those worst impacted by COVID-19, we have been subjected to growing levels of racial and misogynistic violence and abuse, and we have been on the front lines tirelessly protesting for systemic changes to an oppressive society.

Although it may seem strange to talk of celebration in this context; love, joy, friendship, family, self-care, community and imagination have always been essential components of our survival, prosperity, resistance and transformation. During the most difficult periods of the last few months, it has been discussing the texts for our Book Club and planning the programme for this festival which has provided us with some much needed moments of respite and renewed energy.

For us, literature is special in this way. It not only explores, affirms and elevates our lived experience in creative and empowering ways, it also enables us to come together and regenerate as a loving and supportive community.

This is the purpose of our literary festival. So please, come and join us for a little bit of tender love and care.

Art invites us to know beauty and to solicit it, summon it, from even the most tragic of circumstances

Toni Morrison

This festival is brought to you by The Lit Collective Sheffield and Arts & Humanities Knowledge Exchange, The University of Sheffield

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